12 Tips to Be The Youngest in the Office

12 Tips to Be The Youngest in the Office

Luglio 25, 2019 0 Di Giulia Ambrogio
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As a young grad, it can be hard to establish yourself in the workplace. Even if your work will speak for itself most of the time, you’re the new entry in a group of older coworkers and you can earn respect from Day One by presenting yourself professionally and minding your mannerisms. Let’s see how to act as the youngest in the office.

Here below 12 tips to get you started:

1. Dress for business

Choose your attire paying attention to every detail: your clothes[1] should not be too tight, too short, or too revealing. You should look professional and at the same time be comfortable.

2. Perfect standing

Shoulders back and head up! Your posture is important as what your attire when it comes to making an impression: you should avoid any inclination to cross your arms, roll your eyes or twirl your hair.

3. Forget the words “Ma’am” and “Sir”

Addressing colleagues and clients with a gentle “Sir” or “Ma’am” makes you a novice and emphasizes your junior status.

4. Strive to interact with everyone

Stay with same-age colleagues it’s the office equivalent of sitting at the kids table! Try to engage with senior colleagues in order to allow them to know your talents.

5. If you’re making a statement, make it without apology

You should look more confident as possible, so if you want to propose something or if you have an idea you should say it ruthless.

6. Speak more confident as possible

Don’t mumble, don’t stutter, and avoid peppering your speech with juvenile words.

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7. Let that your youth is an advantage…

Bring fresh ideas to the table: technology, social media, trends are your best friends and you know them better than your older colleagues.

8. …But don’t criticize how the things are currently done!

Focus on what you can do to improve processes and ideas rather than what’s being done wrong.

9. Don’t be afraid, it can’t hurt to ask!

You have to learn! Ask and listen for the answers, all the clarification or further directions will help you to grow up professionally and personally.

10. Create your personal niche

Build your credibility by being an expert in a particular area and sharing your knowledge with colleagues. Showing the initiative to become that go-to person and putting your talents in the spotlight will only help you.

11. We are human, everybody can fail or make mistakes… Restart and don’t be afraid!

Everything is OK, if you never fail it means that you are not stepping out of your comfort zone.

12. But do apologize

You are the owner of your mistakes. Explain your plan to correct the situation and what you intend to do differently to avoid the same mistake in the future.

Remember, pay your attention to your mannerism and be self-confident. If you have a job it means that you have valuable skills and qualities to contribute. So believe in yourself and you will be a respected and contributing member of the team.

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