One realistic tip for achieving work-life balance

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Balancing work and your life could be quite difficult. Some people have solid grip on one of the part of the work-life balance equation, but we should recognize that it’s not all one thing or all the other.

We called it balance, there’s a reason, right?

Assuming that work isn’t going to hold your hand when you are sick or demotivated, we are talking about the value and the importance of living a fulfilling life.

Yes, probably there may be a period in your career when your job is your top priority and you’re working far more than 40 hours per week. Consequently, you may shift priorities and relationships may suffer slightly.

So, the most important thing is that this behavior doesn’t become the norm. It’s never too late to take charge of your life and determine that work, while important, doesn’t have to be everything.

Obviously, I’m not saying you shouldn’t give priority to your ambition and consequently to your work and your career, but I am just suggesting that taking stock of the people and things that matter to you beyond a big bonus is a worthy exercise.

If you have vacation time, use it this year, without feeling guilty or anxious. If you have a chance to travel, take it. Disconnect as best you can for an amount of time that feels like you’re investing in a future that matters to you.

After all, at the end of your life, the cliché holds true: You’re not going to say, “I’m so happy I sacrificed my time out of the office to send out a few more emails.”

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