What is Brand Identity, What is Its Importance and 6 Brand Identity Examples

What is Brand Identity, What is Its Importance and 6 Brand Identity Examples

Settembre 23, 2020 3 Di Federico Barbuto
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Are you researching about branding and brand identity? Let’s learn what brand identity is and also look into key brand identity examples.

Brand identity is a phrase used to recognize anything of a company. Therefore, it has to be precious and unique to target audience you like to engage. That is why we devote this blog on this topic.

brand identity examples

Every business man has to know, even in a primary stage, what the marketing is. It includes knowing well the brand identity. What they should do to further attract the audience and achieve the desired results?

So, learn what means brand identity, in addition to its importance in the market. Know some cases of brands that are successful, keep up reading the post.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity includes everything that describes a company’s values and mission. That is why logo, product designs and service structure are key part of brand identity. There are also other important points.

Therefore, every part of identity needs to be unique. The targeted audience has to identify a brand instantly whenever they see. Therefore, it has to combine all the physical and visual elements. It gives customers a positive impression by:

  • Be real;
  • Show audience who you’re;
  • Make the solutions clear and available in the market;
  • Make the company offer the right experience to the customers.

Branding identity examples

In the world, we find many successful brand identity examples in their brand management.

Here we will show some brand identity examples. These companies went far beyond the slogan and visual identity.

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They created concepts that have become devoted from their brands.


The British brand of beauty products was different in terms of “hydration”.

In the early 2000s, it started creating campaigns with the theme “real women”. It started questioning the of beauty standards. It resulted in an amazing growth of the brand.

Red Bull

The slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” is cool. There’s the strong investment that the company makes in the most varied sports practices.

It has both the iconic phrase and the sponsorship of sports. It sent the message of inspiration to movement.


Apple, already mentioned here, is one of the most valuable brands in the world. It is the leader among of electronic devices providers.

Their slogan “think different” created in 1997. It reflects very well the ideas of the company, think outside the box.

In addition, the company aims to offer the consumer the best experience possible. This mindset is well incorporated and recognized in its brand.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola is an important part of global branding. They are expert in the global business. They have steady quality and special marketing and branding strategies.


The sameness is the main element of McDonald’s branding success. Any country you go, McDonald’s will provide the similar food, experience, and quality. Consumers enjoy equal values and consistency no matter what the location is.

Now, you have learnt about what brand identity is and brand identity examples. If you need full brand identity strategy, call us today at WAI.