What will be the Professional Profile of the Future

The immersion of generations Y and Z in the market requires that the most traditional companies adapt future employment trends to receive these new future professionals profile.

future professional profile
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Which are the future professionals profile?

One of our surveys revealed that 77.9% of professionals believe that, in future hiring, candidates will choose the companies they will work for by evaluating the purpose and delivering value to the market.

Another study revealed that the main reason for those planning the future of employment is the desire to find a job more connected to their life purpose.

It is within this context that the new generations are drawing what will be the professional profile of the future. Find out if you fit what is to come:

Appreciation of experiences rather than material goods

Research has shown that younger generations believe that happiness is not solely focused on material goods or status in working life. For them, good memories from positive experiences are far more valuable.

This stance is maintained in working life: new professionals seek positive work environments with which they have a cultural alignment and enable them to build good experiences.

Flexibility as a requirement

The belief of the future of employment that works should fit in with one’s life, not the other way around, is increasingly shared among professionals around the world. From this thought arises the need to work in a place that allows flexibility in various aspects, such as hours and workplace.

Our survey that showed people’ perceptions of the future of work also revealed that 49.8% of people believe that flexibility is a critical point in accepting a job.

Freedom to work

Replacing cast hierarchies, innovative companies have put in place future employment trends where each person ends up having more freedom in their routine to think, create and suggest.

future professional profile
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This working model promotes a greater sense of responsibility in the employee, who feels that he has what is in his hands.

Appreciation of diversity

New generations are more connected to contemporary discussions and expect future hiring by companies to respond to societal movements.

For example, in the current context where feminism is a hotly debated agenda in many different areas of social life, companies are expected to respond to the consensus that the gender pay gap must be closed.


New professionals want to feel represented within their work environment, having a voice within the staff and living with people of all kinds. To be part of the future of recruitment, you also must have the resume of the future. Contact us for resume writing services for future hiring.