How To Answer ‘Talk About Yourself’ In A Job Interview

Talk about yourself. This is the kind of question that terrifies most professionals, even so often. Find out how to respond!

talk about yourself

Anyone who is surprised by ‘tell me about yourself’ question often ends up suddenly forgetting about their career, goals, and personal life.

You do not need to paralyze when the recruiter asks you to talk about yourself.

We’ve put together job interview tips in this article so you can put together a short script and introduce yourself better!

The same job interview tips can be tailored for other occasions, such as a short presentation in a group dynamic or when you need to talk about yourself when filling out a job application.

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Tips to ‘talk about yourself ‘

Start by talking briefly about your personal life

Some details of your personal life may be of interest to your recruiter, even though this does not determine your ability to win the job.

Tell where you were born, your family structure, and some interests, such as hobbies, that can help build sympathy for the recruiter.

Keep talking about the foundation of your career

Every career begins motivated by some fact or personal taste.

This is another interesting detail to tell, especially if there is any cool story behind it.

If you have no story to tell about your career development, start by telling about the foundation of your professional development.

Focus on your last work experience

Your most recent work experience has been responsible for developing your latest learning and skills. It is a true testament to your current competence.

If this is the most up-to-date information you can give the recruiter, take considerable time to say everything you have done at the company.

Tell us about your core skills

Every professional has outstanding skills, whether they are within the focus of their career or because they are naturally performed very well.

Consider this when introducing yourself to the recruiter, especially if the job requires specific knowledge or skills that you have already developed along your career path.

Finish with your professional goals

This may end up becoming a subject later, but a good strategy to answer job interview questions is to start contextualizing the recruiter about your main career goals.

This way you ensure alignment between your expectations and those of the company.

Finally, plan your response well and use the opportunity to talk about yourself as an advantage in the job interview.