List Of Skills and Talents – Recruiters Don’t Like In Resume

While it may seem like a good idea to add the whole list of skills and talents, not everything should go to your resume. Here’s what to avoid.

list of skills and talents

The resume should be a document that gathers relevant information about your background and career path.

It seems obvious to add whole list of skills and talents you have because, it is the first contact between you and the recruiter.

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Within the possibilities of what skills to include on a resume are your skills and proficiency.

But while it may seem like a good idea to list everything you can, not all of its qualities are interesting to the reader.

Know the list of skills and talents for your resume and understand the reasons:


Be honest: would you hire someone who doesn’t meet deadlines?

It does not need to be pointed out in your resume – there are other, more important elements to take the space in resume.


Lack of organization can lead to basic mistakes, causing minor day-to-day conflicts or ending an entire company project. Again, this is a necessary trait for all marketers, making it unnecessary in the curriculum.


This is an interesting feature to tell during an interview, especially illustrating something you have done in previous experiences that clearly spells out your proactivity. It is too vague to add this work in resume without a story to tell.

Ease of teamwork

Again, working well in a team is an essential characteristic for a good professional. Ask yourself if this facility really has value in your resume or does it seem to be there just to fill a void.

Typing or office package

Knowing how to use basic tools such as e-mail and the Office suite no longer appears as a requirement in most jobs. Think about the need to have this information in your document!

Good communication

If the job you are applying for does not have direct contact with the public, such as a sales agent, make it clear during the job interview.

That is, if it is not a criterion for opportunity, it need not exist in your resume.

There are career tips about general skills for your resume and that in specific cases it may be strategic to add some of the skills mentioned here to your resume!