Work From Home: Strategies For Beginners

Before now working from home jobs were not available because most companies believed in face-to-face transactions. However, with the advent of the internet, legitimate works from home are gaining more grounds. Whether as a graduate or undergraduate there are various works from home, jobs that you can do which does not require any certification or special qualification.

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Quite a large number of businesses are looking for people who can work from home and answers phone calls, assist customers with order processing and accounting information or inquiry about their products. To work as a home-based CSR requires you have excellent communication skills, reliable internet connection, and a phone. You can get paid between $8 and $15 per hour, working from home as CSR.

Data Entry

Data entry job involves inputting facts and figures such as payroll data, inventory items or catalogue into spreadsheets or a software program for businesses. You don’t need to have any previous experience to do this, but you must ensure that you avoid errors. You can earn around $10 per hour working from home.

Editing and Proofreading

If you have very good grammar, you can spot errors and correct spellings perfectly, you can start editing and proofreading contents. The work is flexible and can be done from anywhere. Some companies pay up to $20 per hour.

Web and Freelance Writer

Writing articles is an interesting and flexible work from home job. Companies are increasingly on the lookout for writers that can put together quality, unique, specific and search engine optimization contents that will capture the mind of their visitors and make them regular visitors.

You can also write newspapers or eBooks content. Depending on your experience and the quality of your work, you can earn between $10 and $100 per hour or $30 to $150 per article.

Web Developer

A lot of companies now want to have their business online to expand their customer base.  With your laptop, good internet connection and some basic web design knowledge, you can start building websites for companies. Also, there are website development tutorials online where you can learn more. Depending on how good you are, you can make between $10,000 and $180,000 per year.

Now, that we have listed various works you can do from home, it is time for you to get busy and start working from home.

Increase your chances of getting a job in one of the BIG 4 by 300%

It is the dream of most graduates and undergraduates to work in any of the big four companies but securing a job in those companies is highly competitive and not an easy feat to achieve. Comprising of KPMG, PWC, Ernst and Young, and Deloitte, the Big4 firms handle most of the world’s consulting, accounting and auditing services.

The Big4 receives thousands of applications every year despite the limited space available. Below are ways by which you can boost your chances of getting a job in any of the Big4:

Decide on the division of the Big4 you want to work

You need to make inquiries about the companies and decide on the division of the companies you want to work for. The Big4 have various divisions such as audit, tax, consulting, advisory and technology. You must have information about the particular division you are interested in. Once your decision is taken start your activity of web scraping looking for anything you could use during your interviews that reveals that you made your homework.

Get the right certification(s)

Whether as an undergraduate or a graduate already, there are various certifications you can go for to put you ahead of others. Certifications such as Public Accountant (CPA), Internal Audit (CIA), Financial Analyst (CFA), Management Accountant (CMA) and many more related to the world of project management such as PRINCE2, Scrum Master, Agile etc.. will help to boost your chances of working in one of the BIG4.

Know what each of the Big4 wants

Sometimes it goes beyond just the academic qualification to get a job. The Big Four look at the other abilities of the person and would prefer someone who can do extraordinary things outside of their academic life. You need to research and know what each company expects from graduates. The Big Four are also interested in team players, innovative and creative thinkers, excellent communicators, ability to show leadership potential, analytical skills, courage and enthusiasm, business acumen, relationship management, and a global mindset.

Prepare for the interview

If you are by any chance called for an interview, you should be well prepared for it. Research and know the likely questions you may be asked at the interview. Re-acquaint yourself with basic finance concepts, accounting knowledge and know your professional goals. Prepare yourself for all the phase of the interview such as group interview, motivational interview with HR, technical interview with Senior Manager or Partners.

Be ready to face many adventures during your journey in a Big 4. Be ready to understand what it takes to be part of that environment and what you can do to absorb and be contaminated by the workplace, your client and your colleagues.

Be ready to understand that years in Consulting will create the base for your future career and your professional behavior.

Apply this 6 tips to improve your resume

The competition in the labour market is not reducing anytime soon, so having a resume that can perfectly speak for you is now more important. Your resume goes beyond ordinary documents; it is an advertisement of your skills, experience, accomplishments and what you can offer to a company. It determines whether you will be called for an interview or not. A great resume should be attention-grabbing and impressive enough to sell you to your potential employers. Here are some of the ways you can greatly improve your resume.

1. Put the most relevant information first

With lots of resumes to go through, employers most times skim through resumes to select qualified candidates before going over it carefully afterward. The first section of your resume should highlight how you meet the required qualifications of the job. This is a vital step to take if you want to improve your resume

2. Customize your resume

You cannot be using the same resume for different businesses and industries and expect to get a job. Your resume should focus and be customized to meet the demands of each business and industry you are applying to. Never ignore this particular tip on how to improve your resume, it is important in getting the job you desired.

3. Replace the “objective statement” with “career summary”

Your objective statement is simply telling employers what you want from the company and not what you can offer. A concise career summary section that highlights your major achievements, years of experience and job history in a few sentences is better.

4. Showcase and quantify your career and accomplishments.

Your accomplishments are an important part of your resume. It should emphasize what you have delivered using concise sentences. Also, do not just describe your responsibilities. Let your employer know what you have achieved by quantifying your accomplishments and career, mentioning numbers and percentages.

5. Improve your resume readability and make it error-free

Spending time on your resume should include writing a resume that your potential employer can easily understand. Do not use terms or phrases that are distorted or that contradict the job you are applying for. Also, your resume should be free of errors. It is better you read through it over and over to make sure there are no spelling mistakes or wrong use of grammar.  Do not repeat information and use the same font and attributes (italics, spacing, and character bold) to separate headings and sub-headings.

6. One page rule

If you spent most of your life between school and college with few summer internships, don’t overdo! It is very common to find resumes with pages and pages of extra-detailed description of your activities. The reality is that when you are applying for international companies or BIG 4, your potential employers will not dedicate more than 30 seconds reading your CV, scanning it looking for your marks and relevant experiences abroad. So don’t overload it with the detail of each course you followed instead keep it simple and concise. Be ready to provide additional details during your interview.

If you want your resume to communicate to your potential employers, then you should follow our tips on how to improve your resume, feel free to contact us to get free advices on your resume and how to improve it. Good Luck in your job adventure!

How to create your personal brand

Creating a personal brand is about marketing and promoting yourself and your career as a brand. It is the uniqueness, skills, strengths, personality, passions, and experience that you want people to see in you. It is how you distinguish yourself from others, including those that bear the same name as you. Your personal brand is about how you present yourself to your current and prospective employers/clients. Creating a strong personal brand that will have a lasting impression in the mind of your target audience is vital to you having a successful career or business.

Here are some steps that can help you create a personal brand:

Discover who you are and what you are good at

The first key step is to acknowledge who you are and what you are good at. You should know the skills you possess, what you have passion for, your core values and beliefs. If the passion is not there you may not be able to deliver effectively and efficiently. 

Be focused and be consistent

You should focus on that area that you are good at otherwise chances are there that you may be overthrown by those who are better than you. Also, it will be easier for people to know what you stand for if you have a more focused and narrower brand. Likewise, you need to create content consistently around your brand both online and offline. It must be demonstrated across your appearance and communication.

Define your target audience

Obviously, your brand is not meant for everyone. This means that you need to identify your target audience and build your brand around them. Having a deep understanding of your clients’ desires, challenges among others will help you to create a personal brand that will truly satisfy their needs.

Create a platform

You need a platform where people can see what you do and relate with you. When you have a personal website, it is a step further in making your target audience become your client. First impression matters a lot, your personal website should give those you intend to attract the impression that they have come to the right place. You also need a presence on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

Live your brand

Trying to separate yourself from your brand can make it really difficult to build a personal brand. You cannot live a life that is contrary to your brand – your beliefs, core values, and ideology should not be different from what your brand represents.

Building a personal brand is a long challenging process that will give you in the long run much more benefits than other.

How to Be a Great Mentee

During your career, probably you have mentored and you have been mentored by many people. This kind of relationship is able to bring new ideas and new experiences into the life of a person and is able to teach how to create good relationship with your mentor and your mentee.

Here below 4 ways to be a great mentee, you will surprised by the fact that it’s not all about you!

1. Ask for Help if you don’t find the right match 

Some mentoring relationship grow organically, other else can be accelerated by asking someone you trust to help you finding a mentor.

Here, one of the most important thing is to know what you hope to get out of the relationship. If you understand that you can find someone who match your interests and goals.

Going through a matchmaker is it possible it is also possible to have access to mentor otherwise you were unable to reach. Remember, in order to create a satisfying relationship, it is really important to find someone that has to offer what you need. If these two elements are aligned probably you have found your mentor.

2. Be Active Part of the Relationship

When you’re being mentored you can mistake it as a service someone is offering you. But mentoring is a relationship and not a transaction. Mentors should help you through a problem and invest their time and effort to support you. They should have positive impact on you and in order to obtain this result it is very important that you provide feedbacks about your mentor relationship.

3. Turn Your Mentor Into a Sponsor

Each time you meet is a chance to demonstrate to you mentor, and proactively show them that you are worthy of sponsorship. You can use your mentor relationship in order to obtain bootcamp training or recruiting. Indeed, every mentor (using different criteria) can decide to invest in a mentee for the long haul. In general they are looking for someone who is very promising and untiring worker.

4. Return the favor

Don’t forget to what you’ve learned along to others! It is satisfying to help other people to grow up. If you were able to succeed, you can help others to perform and to improve themselves.

Mentorship is an important relationship from both sides. By being a great mentee, you’ll not only advance your career, you’ll learn the lesson you need to be a great mentor in the future too.