Don’t do this 5 things if you want to be hired!

Understood what are the 5 tips to get a job interview, now it’s good to focus on what are the 5 things you shouldn’t do during a job interview. By avoiding these actions, the probability of success will increase and the interview will be successful. So here are the 5 things not to do during a job interview!

1. Be rude and disrespectful

During a job interview, the employee who is in charge of selecting human resources must be treated with respect. In many cases, this is easy, one tries to be as educated as possible and to establish a peaceful conversation. However, it can sometimes be difficult to remain calm. The interlocutor may seem poorly suited to his role, with few skills. In such a situation one could get nervous and respond rudely. Nevertheless, one must always be calm. Remembering that you are looking for a job can be the key to making everything go smoothly.

2. Do not get distracted with your smartphone!

Anyone who has faced an interview knows that there may be dead time. In the dead times, it could be a real temptation to take a look at the smartphone to see if messages or notifications have arrived. However, doing this can be negatively assessed by the recruiter who may be disappointed by this behavior, judging him as a person who tends to get distracted. So, while you are at an interview, it is good to establish a rule: no smartphone!

3. Stay silent without asking questions

A job interview should be a professional conversation between a candidate and a company employee. It should not be a totalitarian monologue of the person who is in charge of selecting personnel. Not asking questions may appear in a lack of interest. It can even be considered a symbol of laziness. On the other hand, at an interview, it is always advisable to ask questions, in order to be proactive, attentive, alert and ready to carry out the task for which you are competing.

4. Attention to posture

Another thing to avoid during a job interview is to sit incorrectly. Sometimes it might be natural to sit in particular positions, for example with a sloping back. While it is possible to think that this denotes independence and cunning, it is good to consider that on the other hand it could be considered a sign of rudeness. Therefore, it is always necessary to assume a correct and professional posture.

5. Be too serious and never smile

It’s okay to be serious, but an interview doesn’t have to be a funeral! Not smiling must be an action to be avoided, as it could give a bad image of yourself. Of course, it is necessary to be balanced and smile when the occasion arises, for example during the final greetings. Being a little smiling could compromise the progress of the interview, so it is advised not to do so.

In conclusion, here are the things to avoid during an interview. By being able to work on this aspect, these trends can be totally eliminated and your dream job can finally be obtained!