5 Attitudes To Start 2019 To Find A New Job Opportunity

Thinking of helping you to find a new job opportunity in 2019, we have listed small attitudes that can bring you closer to your new opportunity!

find a new job opportunity
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If you want to start 2019 with news in your professional life, check out our career tips to find a new job opportunity.

5 Tips to find a new job opportunity

1 – Update your resume

During your job search, it is important to keep your resume up to date. So, it includes all of your relevant work experience and training.

It is one of the great attitudes of successful job seekers.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to include skills that have been acquired day by day.

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This attitude in your job search can catch the recruiter’s attention, placing you in a prime position in a selection process.

2 – Improve your descriptions

Your cover letter and other job search site descriptions should also be up to date, consistent with your career moment.

Also be sure to enter your contact information such as email, phone, and other social networks.

There is a lot of software today that uses artificial intelligence to help recruit talent.

So also consider including keywords that highlight the professional you are!

3 – Prepare for the interviews

It’s no use getting a conversation opportunity with the recruiter if you don’t prepare for the interview.

Seek to truly know the desired company, understanding its business and the market in which it operates.

This positive attitude during a job search also includes researching about its mission, values, and culture.

This will allow you to understand if the company is fit with the type of professional you are – and if so, will help you know how to value your own profile to show it suits that place.

4 – Activate contacts

Activate your contacts to keep up with opportunities at the companies they work for.

You can simply ask about a specific job and ask them if you have room for it.

Keep in mind the professional etiquette not to push boundaries in your approach. But don’t miss out on possibilities to increase your chances of hiring.

5 – Search for the best opportunities

The best opportunity is one that fits your career moment and fits your life perfectly.

It may be that the ideal position is in a place that values the quality of life of its people, offers great career opportunities or has a salary and competitive benefits.