5 Tips to Improve Team Efficiency and Productivity

We share tips on how to improve team efficiency and productivity by people management skills and reinforcing the concept of leadership management.

improve team efficiency and productivity
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The truth is only one: to improve team efficiency and productivity, you will require much more than some “miracle tips”.

Check out following simple 5 strategies for increasing employee productivity:

5 Tips to improve team efficiency and productivity

1- Planning and work in the balance

To build team productivity, you as a leader need to spend some time for planning.

Just as it is critical not to lose focus on what is already being done.

As you start the day with the task review done, move on to execution without falling into the pitfalls of “urgency”.

Learn to distinguish what really should be prioritized and what will only delay your daily planning.

Want to know how to improve team productivity? Show them the importance of planning at the end of each day!

2- Less is more

You create a list of more than ten items to complete.

Until lunch gets stuck in two tasks, leaves the office tense and comes back even worse.

How to complete the rest of the list by the end of the day?

Result: When you see many tasks accumulate, you feel frustrated and exhausted. Who never?

So try to schedule a few tasks, assign them to suitable members and improve team collaboration.

Show them that they need to see everything that is scheduled early in the day.


3- Get into the routine – but a good routine!

It seems odd to say that “getting into the rut” can be a way on how to improve team productivity.

But there is a bright side to the routine – with it you can get organized and improve your team’s efficiency at work.

If Monday is a tough day, why not keep the most pleasurable activities on that day?

If you like meeting with suppliers and partners, focus on the second one.

Leave Tuesday for reporting, Wednesday for follow-up, and so on.

4- Caution, an email!

You are calculating projections when suddenly a new email comes up.

Innocently, you will check what it is.

But by the time you realize, you’ve been involved answering other messages for about 40 minutes.

Understand this basic rule of how to boost team productivity and pass it on to them:

Learn how to check emails strategically, as entering the email inbox with every incoming message ends up with your productive pace.

Make an appointment to check your messages and answer them.

Set a time for this, 20 to 40 minutes, for example.

5- In-person only when necessary

It is a key tip on how to empower your team productivity.

While doing a demo for a client, don’t remember that the internet is there to make life easier.

Avoid the traffic and wasted time commuting.

If you can have a video conference in place of a face-to-face visit, opt for it.

We know that contact is very important, but there are issues that can be dealt with remotely, such as:

  • The demonstration of a system or product;
  • The clarification of doubts in a proposal;
  • Setting goals for the project etc.

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