Build A Good Network: Learn with 7 Tips

Having good relations with the right people can lead you to amazing career chances! We surveyed 7 good practices to build a good network.

build a good network

Most of the openings in companies first go through a stage of receiving proposals and internal use of employees.

So, building a professional network can be critical.

However, it is an ongoing job to build a network of contacts. It requires attention to certain rules and effective networking strategies.

Networking relationships also improve workplace wellness and motivation in the workplace.

The practice to build a good network is also helpful in improving your resume. Or you can hire our resume writing services to get your resume optimized.

Thinking of helping you, we have come up with 7 good personal networking tips. Continue reading:

7 tips to build a good network

1. Think of everyone

Your networking should contain exerts of all hierarchical levels.

Decision making in contemporary business teams is more democratic and decentralized. So, just relating to managers and directors is no longer the best strategy to build a strong network.

You must also detach yourself from your field: Knowing experts from different backgrounds is essential.

2. Networking is a two-way street

The idea to build and maintain a professional network is that people can create honest relations and help each other.

So, don’t be the one who just asks and offers nothing in return. Also, do not keep the relations just to gain some advantage.

Be aware of the needs of others and be genuinely interested in people without expecting immediate retribution.

3. Use events to your advantage

Corporate gatherings are perfect occasions to meet new people from different companies to build and expand your career network.

At such times, it is important to put shyness aside and strive to interact.

Coffee breaks and badge IDs are strategically set up by event planners to stimulate networking among their attendees.

4. Keep a good image

Do you want to be an attractive contact for other experts?

It is important to start looking carefully at the image you promote, especially in your social networks.

It’s innocent to think that other people won’t check your profiles to know a little more about you.

Therefore, beware of content that may be offensive to others or negative to your own image.

5. Cultivate the contacts

It is not enough to know the person, exchange e-mails and add them to their social networks.

It is necessary to have a certain consistency so that this contact does not “die”.

So, take advantage of (or create) opportunities to start dialogues, share relevant content and build a good contact network.

6. Have criteria

The practice to improve your networking skills does not include to add unknown people in list or to collect a stack of business cards.

It’s about having relations with helpful experts.

So, use criteria like affinity and relevance to this kind of approach!

7. Don’t be inconvenient

To initiate dialogues, you must act with common sense and seize consistent opportunities. Never batch anyone with messages or spam: this will only contribute negatively to your image.