5 Attitudes Recruiters Never Want to See

Next, we raise negative attitudes recruiters never want to see. They can upset recruiters and hinder their chances of hiring. Follow:

attitudes recruiters never want to see
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Getting a dream job is not easy, but this path can be less difficult.

You know about job interviews tips and about how to behave during the selection process by avoiding “hairy” mistakes to avoid during job interview.

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5 attitudes recruiters never want to see

1 – Lack of preparation and interest

To do well in a selection process, especially during the interview stages, you need to have a good understanding of that company’s business.

That’s why it’s so important to do research on the company’s history, its products and services, and the market in which it operates.

Understanding these points will improve attitude in job interview.

2 – Lying

It is one of the key things you should never do in job interview.

Raising facts or simply lying when talking about experience and skills can tarnish your image with that company and even in every market.

Tell about your professional career sincerely and exemplify some points with stories that really happened.

3 – Insist on the same speeches

There are classic speeches that almost every candidate makes for the recruiter, such as: ‘my biggest flaw is being a perfectionist’, ‘I want to work here because I believe in the product so much’, ‘I love working in groups’.

These answers are not necessarily wrong, but surely HR has heard them thousands of times. Instead show your aspirations and your work style.

4 – Be misbehaving

Be careful how you behave during the selection process.

In addition to your work experience and skills, your behavior will also be taken into account when assessing your profile.

Try to align your behavior with that company’s style. Thinking about how it communicates with its employees and the type of people who work there.

5 – Speaking bad about the old company

Commenting negatively on your old company can be a shot in the foot. It is one of the worst attitudes recruiters never want to see.

This does not mean that you are prohibited from criticizing your past employers, but you must be careful that they are constructive and not childish.

Remember, the recruiter is not there to hear your outbursts.

As you ask about your past job, he probably wants to understand what things were positive and negative in your last experience.

It will also show how they might influence your new moment in a new company.