How to create your personal brand

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Creating a personal brand is about marketing and promoting yourself and your career as a brand. It is the uniqueness, skills, strengths, personality, passions, and experience that you want people to see in you. It is how you distinguish yourself from others, including those that bear the same name as you. Your personal brand is about how you present yourself to your current and prospective employers/clients. Creating a strong personal brand that will have a lasting impression in the mind of your target audience is vital to you having a successful career or business.

Here are some steps that can help you create a personal brand:

Discover who you are and what you are good at

The first key step is to acknowledge who you are and what you are good at. You should know the skills you possess, what you have passion for, your core values and beliefs. If the passion is not there you may not be able to deliver effectively and efficiently. 

Be focused and be consistent

You should focus on that area that you are good at otherwise chances are there that you may be overthrown by those who are better than you. Also, it will be easier for people to know what you stand for if you have a more focused and narrower brand. Likewise, you need to create content consistently around your brand both online and offline. It must be demonstrated across your appearance and communication.

Define your target audience

Obviously, your brand is not meant for everyone. This means that you need to identify your target audience and build your brand around them. Having a deep understanding of your clients’ desires, challenges among others will help you to create a personal brand that will truly satisfy their needs.

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Create a platform

You need a platform where people can see what you do and relate with you. When you have a personal website, it is a step further in making your target audience become your client. First impression matters a lot, your personal website should give those you intend to attract the impression that they have come to the right place. You also need a presence on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

Live your brand

Trying to separate yourself from your brand can make it really difficult to build a personal brand. You cannot live a life that is contrary to your brand – your beliefs, core values, and ideology should not be different from what your brand represents.

Building a personal brand is a long challenging process that will give you in the long run much more benefits than other.

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