12 Tips to create your personal brand identity

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How to create your Personal Brand Identity

Personal brand identity= Everything that you are + everything people believe about you

Your purpose must be to help people discover the real you and in order to reach this goal you have to leverage on your online presence to confirm actual reality. I know it seems a paradox!

Here below a to-do list of all the things that you should do and think about in order to build a real and strong personal brand identity:

1. Social Media

Avoid using social media just to hook up, I mean is an easy way but if you really want to build your personal brand you must do something more and pay attention to the littlest things. Use your first and last name on every major social media site. Moreover, you should be present and create an effective network and interact with it.

2. Brand you

What makes you effectively YOU? Here you should describe all the things characterizing you as a person. Which are your strengths and what makes you different?

You have to demonstrate that you are passionate and dedicated to your work and interest. Express that is more than just interest you are willing, you are eager to get that position!

Personal Brand Identity
Personal Brand Identity -WAI – Who Am I

3. Values

Personal Brand Identity revolves around you, feel free to express what are your values? Values are the things you consider to be most important in your life: family, friends, political value… All the values that can help others to identify you as person and that help others to imagine you outside the working hours. Remember, convey ever without being impetuous, otherwise, you will get the opposite result!

4. Excitement

What get you excited? People want to know you, so share all the things that make your eyes bright! Travel, technology, entrepreneurship, photography, etc… All these activities will make you more authentic.

5. Ask

Ask 5 people that you trust to tell you what they think are your 5 strongest traits and characteristics. This will be useful in order to understand how people actually see you and it will help you to create a benchmark. You can improve all the characteristics, bad habits

6. Expert

List all the things making you an expert. What part of your professional life are you the best? Are you universal recognized as an expert? Does everybody know that you are passionate and devoted to a particular topic? Let them know.

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7. Vision

What do you want your career and life to look like over the next 1-3 years? Answer using the 4Ps of the brand identity (Product, Place, Promotion, Price).

8. Audience

Who is your target audience? Do you want to find a job, or you want to improve your followers’ arena? Do you have some ideas to share or do you want only to share a point of view about events and/or topics? Identify your target audience in order to improve the impact of the communication. If you want to find a job your registry will be more formal while if you want to improve your network on social media, you must be more present and appealing.

9. Benchmark

Find 3 people that you admire in your industry that you would like to model or benchmark. Analyze all their moves and try to replicate them. Emulate what they’re doing and then surpass them. Only if you understand properly how an industry works you can win the challenge and become the best!

10. Fill it in

Now, go and fill in all your profiles with the following information:

  • Who are you
  • Your values
  • What excites you
  • the good that others say about you,
  • What are your expertise,
  • your vision, and
  • your target audience’s expectations

11. Personal site

People want to know who you are personally and who you are professionally on your personal site. So, wrote about both of those things. You shouldn’t focus only on your professional experience. Remember that you are a person with hobbies, with a family and with other kinds of interests that makes you different. Share with others all the things that make you different from others. This will be your strength!

12. Photos

Get Professional photos taken. Avoid all the photos that represent you during a party, or when you are drunk. Avoid also all the brutal cutting photos and also the photos that represent you with others.

You have to appear professional and, most important, YOU.

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