How to Be a Great Mentee

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During your career, probably you have mentored and you have been mentored by many people. This kind of relationship is able to bring new ideas and new experiences into the life of a person and is able to teach how to create good relationship with your mentor and your mentee.

Here below 4 ways to be a great mentee, you will surprised by the fact that it’s not all about you!

1. Ask for Help if you don’t find the right match 

Some mentoring relationship grow organically, other else can be accelerated by asking someone you trust to help you finding a mentor.

Here, one of the most important thing is to know what you hope to get out of the relationship. If you understand that you can find someone who match your interests and goals.

Going through a matchmaker is it possible it is also possible to have access to mentor otherwise you were unable to reach. Remember, in order to create a satisfying relationship, it is really important to find someone that has to offer what you need. If these two elements are aligned probably you have found your mentor.

2. Be Active Part of the Relationship

When you’re being mentored you can mistake it as a service someone is offering you. But mentoring is a relationship and not a transaction. Mentors should help you through a problem and invest their time and effort to support you. They should have positive impact on you and in order to obtain this result it is very important that you provide feedbacks about your mentor relationship.

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3. Turn Your Mentor Into a Sponsor

Each time you meet is a chance to demonstrate to you mentor, and proactively show them that you are worthy of sponsorship. You can use your mentor relationship in order to obtain bootcamp training or recruiting. Indeed, every mentor (using different criteria) can decide to invest in a mentee for the long haul. In general they are looking for someone who is very promising and untiring worker.

4. Return the favor

Don’t forget to what you’ve learned along to others! It is satisfying to help other people to grow up. If you were able to succeed, you can help others to perform and to improve themselves.

Mentorship is an important relationship from both sides. By being a great mentee, you’ll not only advance your career, you’ll learn the lesson you need to be a great mentor in the future too.   

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