Inbound Recruiting: A New Way to Get Hired by Recruitment Companies

Inbound Recruiting: A New Way to Get Hired by Recruitment Companies

Agosto 8, 2019 4 Di Federico Barbuto
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Want to find a new way to get hired by recruitment agencies? Read about Inbound Recruiting, the new recruitment practice for inbound hiring.

inbound recruiting

The Human Resources sector has news for recruitment: Several techniques are being adapted from other areas of knowledge, such as Marketing, to help companies select the best talent for their opportunities. This is how Inbound Recruiting is being adopted by many recruitment companies.

This is a different way of doing recruitment, moving away from the more traditional stages of a selection process.

With the help of Recruitment Marketing, recruitment agencies were able to come up with new strategies to connect professionals with the employer.

But how does this apply in practice to employee recruitment? And what do you, as a candidate, need to know? Discover Inbound Recruiting:

Inbound recruiting definition

There is often a big misalignment between the efforts a company makes to be more attractive to professionals and their perception of them, which directly influences their willingness to apply for a job.

To solve this problem, HR teams can study inbound marketing for recruitment and adapt them to the corporate market, working with inbound hiring instead of sales, as would traditionally be done by Marketing.

inbound recruitment marketing - inbound recruiting

The main objective of the technique is to increase the company’s attractiveness as an employer brand. At the same time, they also educate potential candidates about the company’s culture and values.

This greatly increases your chances of getting a job offer for professionals who are already aligned with your culture and who have a more realistic idea of what it’s like to work there.

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How it works for candidates

Once the company understands what types of professionals it would like to communicate with, it is time to start investing in actions that will help it approach potential candidates.

One of the possibilities of working this relationship is with the use of social networks. Some companies have started publishing publications that tell you what it’s like to work there, as well as articles that specifically talk about the area they want to hire.

Subject-specific events can also be organized, such as meet-ups, talks, and other meetings to discuss an area – this is common for technology, for example.

This is a good way for the company to deliver quality content and foster people’s interest in working there.

The fresh graduates must update their knowledge and take part in inbound recruiting, and also benefit from our professional resume writing services to keep your CV ready to present in recruitment agencies.