Apply this 6 tips to improve your resume

Apply this 6 tips to improve your resume

Agosto 2, 2019 0 Di Federico Barbuto
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The competition in the labour market is not reducing anytime soon, so having a resume that can perfectly speak for you is now more important. Your resume goes beyond ordinary documents; it is an advertisement of your skills, experience, accomplishments and what you can offer to a company. It determines whether you will be called for an interview or not. A great resume should be attention-grabbing and impressive enough to sell you to your potential employers. Here are some of the ways you can greatly improve your resume.

1. Put the most relevant information first

With lots of resumes to go through, employers most times skim through resumes to select qualified candidates before going over it carefully afterward. The first section of your resume should highlight how you meet the required qualifications of the job. This is a vital step to take if you want to improve your resume

2. Customize your resume

You cannot be using the same resume for different businesses and industries and expect to get a job. Your resume should focus and be customized to meet the demands of each business and industry you are applying to. Never ignore this particular tip on how to improve your resume, it is important in getting the job you desired.

3. Replace the “objective statement” with “career summary”

Your objective statement is simply telling employers what you want from the company and not what you can offer. A concise career summary section that highlights your major achievements, years of experience and job history in a few sentences is better.

4. Showcase and quantify your career and accomplishments.

Your accomplishments are an important part of your resume. It should emphasize what you have delivered using concise sentences. Also, do not just describe your responsibilities. Let your employer know what you have achieved by quantifying your accomplishments and career, mentioning numbers and percentages.

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5. Improve your resume readability and make it error-free

Spending time on your resume should include writing a resume that your potential employer can easily understand. Do not use terms or phrases that are distorted or that contradict the job you are applying for. Also, your resume should be free of errors. It is better you read through it over and over to make sure there are no spelling mistakes or wrong use of grammar.  Do not repeat information and use the same font and attributes (italics, spacing, and character bold) to separate headings and sub-headings.

6. One page rule

If you spent most of your life between school and college with few summer internships, don’t overdo! It is very common to find resumes with pages and pages of extra-detailed description of your activities. The reality is that when you are applying for international companies or BIG 4, your potential employers will not dedicate more than 30 seconds reading your CV, scanning it looking for your marks and relevant experiences abroad. So don’t overload it with the detail of each course you followed instead keep it simple and concise. Be ready to provide additional details during your interview.

If you want your resume to communicate to your potential employers, then you should follow our tips on how to improve your resume, feel free to contact us to get free advices on your resume and how to improve it. Good Luck in your job adventure!