How to build your Brand Identity – 3 Effective Way to start today

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What is brand identity? So you are convinced! You opened your own business, your dream is becoming true.

You started with the creation of facebook pages, instagram linkedin and everything is planned you also chose the place to rent as showroom, everything is set!

But…You didn’t figure out one thing which is coming to your mind now: How I will take care of my brand identity? How do I will communicate the same message all over the platforms and be sure that it is really reflecting my thoughts, my passion and my strength.

Here’s where Brand Identity comes to help you!

Brand Identity is the way to make your company bright like a diamond among the other rough gems. It will help you in engage your audience, make them fall in love with your brand, your values and your strengths and like any story share with them funny anecdotes.

If brands lack of this important part are like beautiful human being without soul, like your dream woman or man without any perfume to dream about when she is not around you.

For this reason any founder/CEO/owner should figure out which is his goal in communication and share this guidelines with his colleagues to be sure that everyone who is involved in company processes both internal and external is able to seduce the client.

To do so we will go through 3 main points to understand the brand identity:

1. Clarify which is your aim

The first thing to do is understand in a brief phrase which is your final goal, if you are stuck in synthesizing your business try to answer to this questions:

  • How my product/service affect my customers’ life?
  • How my product/service is simplifying their daily activities or satisfying their dreams, how is it helping them in winning their challenges?
  • How my product/service is impacting the market?

Pointing out this question will help you to clarify which is your position in the market, understanding if you are reinventing the wheel or the hot water and above all it will help you understand the truth about your brand and clarify why your customer should choose you among your competitor.

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2. Emerge, distinguish, become unique

Identify what differentiates you from your competitors is one of the key elements that will define your brand identity. If you still have issues in identifying this point, answer to this questions:

  • What is the product/service of your competitor?
  • Which are the main characteristics of their product/service?
  • Which are the main characteristics of your product/service?

Understanding the answer to this question is clearly a first signal that your comprehension about your business is a step ahead and you can identify which are your strength points

3. Identify your Bridgehead

Which is your main point of contact with the client? Is it a safe base or is it like a damaged camp? Independently from your industry or your occupation what you are trying to do is to reinforce your market share or to shine in your territory among the other competitors. For this reason the analogy with the military-world is used in order to understand that you are building a strategic zone in order to progress and conquer more territories. Like what happened few years ago when Facebook decided to bring on the platform videos, attacking Youtube, going and battling on a core business which wasn’t its main and won bringing with success facebook video on the platform, but without erasing market share from YouTube. Bridgehead for YouTube is video, for Instagram are images and storytelling trough stories.

It’s all around finding your bridgehead and prioritize your social network, creating an advertising strategy one channel or multichannel based on your potential and ambitions, the highest is the number of bridgehead the highest are the odds of create a strong brand.

Building a strong brand identity is not an impossible challenge. You should just understand how your product or service is perceived from the society and how is affecting the life of your customers easing and leaning their life or work, becoming essential for them.

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