How Social Media Changed the World – 5 Points

How Social Media Changed the World – 5 Points

Luglio 15, 2020 0 Di Federico Barbuto
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Today, almost everyone who has internet access is using social media. Furthermore, check out how social media changed the world.

There is no denying that social media is changing the world. There are almost two and a half billion people using the internet around the world. The more Internet users are, the more social media has the power to influence the world.

social media changed the world

In the past, we were limited to relations only with people we knew. Today, it is possible to relate to the most diverse people around the world. In past, only small groups had the ideas. Now, they are now easily spread. The social media allows us to become more aware of the universe we live.

Networks like Facebook and Twitter give citizens a megaphone. It can be heard everywhere and. This way social media changed the world.

There are five main points on which social media has influenced our world:

How social media changed the world – 5 main points


Social media has become an important source of news. Major newspapers and magazines report important events on five continents. This makes info open for everyone and its spreading much faster. The people in the world are also aware of all info never released before.

Contacts among people

Social media has fast contact on a large scale. They allow people to keep in touch on a more regular basis. It was never seen before due to space and time limits. People in distant cities or continents can easily keep in touch. It creates the chance to enjoy different cultures. This causes people to evaluate their way of life. Now, they are exposed to different customs of different ideals.

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The whole dynamics of marketing has been altered by social media. Companies are more and more focused on the consumer. They are able to understand the needs of the market. They are already looking for ways to influence their purchase alone. With marketing, their ads are exposed to consumers who’ve already interest in their products. Now, it is open on websites without any mass marketing channels.


Social media has played an important role in supporting literacy. Children who start using platforms develop communication skills early. They commonly become literate more quickly. For adults, social media allows learning to be focused on the points of their interests. You can become an expert on a range of subjects just by taking online courses. In USA, for example, about 6.7 million people have enrolled at least in an online course.


Social media has allowed for greater political awareness. In some cases, it rewrote history. Many protests have been organized with assistance, mainly from Facebook. These media played an important role in the Iranian elections and Obama’s second election. It inspired huge unrest in Egypt. It also has influenced protest across Turkey.

Since social media, there are no borders or filters for communication. Therefore, it is worth noting that these changes have become possible. The internet has truly allowed a freer and more open way to exchange new info. It is possible with any major censorship, at least for now.

Now, you have learnt how social media changed the world. Would you like to also change the world by promoting your company on social media? Come to WAI, we will support you.