How Branding Works and Social Branding Strategy

How Branding Works and Social Branding Strategy

Luglio 29, 2020 0 Di Federico Barbuto
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Social media is a great source for branding purposes. Would you like to improve your brand over social media? Know how branding works on social media.

The marketing team is gathered in a room where all strategies have been defined. Suddenly, someone raises his hand. He says wait a minute, we can’t forget about social media.

how branding works

This situation states an important aspect. That is, the social networks are fundamental pieces for digital marketing strategies. In this era, each person has a smartphone in his or her hand. They can access Linkedin, Google, Instagram and Facebook easily. It is really good to look carefully at such networks.

And this is where the Social Branding strategy comes into play. It is related to two important elements. Each and every marketing expert lives with Branding and Social Media actions on a daily basis.

What is Social Branding and how branding works

Going straight to the point, Social Branding is the use of social networks. It improves the way the public perceives a particular brand, defending values and principles.

For this, the correct and well-planned use of social networks is essential. They are the direct link between the brand and the priority audience.

It has been proven that social networks enable efficient audience section. In addition, it is relatively cheap channel compared to other media.

However, it is very important to use Social Branding correctly. It is essential to know the features of your persona, and dynamics of the social networks.

Will this strategy work better on Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook?

Each company must know this answer to make the most of the benefits of Social Branding. For this, take into account the features of brand and the focus on its persona.

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Knowing the concept of your brand in the minds of consumers is important for any company. That said, the advantages that the Social Branding strategy offers for business are several.

1 – Humanization of the brand

Social Branding allows the public to see your company as a business or a friend. They believe that it brings the solutions.

This humanization process helps the contact between brand and customer. An example of this could be Netflix. It interacts in a very personal and fun way with the public on social networks.

2 – Options to carry out social actions

Sometime, consumers are more demanding on politically correct issues. Then, Social Branding appears as a chance for the brand to embrace some social cause.

However, this approach to social issues must be through guidelines related to the brand segment. The public is usually attentive and notices when an action is forced and unnatural.

3 – Improved sales

When faced with a brand that is humanized supporting social agendas, engagement becomes easier. One result of this is for the brand to conquer more than consumers, but fans.

In addition, with the brand present among customers more, sales tend to increase.

Investing in Social Branding means enhancing your brand

Offering quality products and services is important. But, presenting concepts is also important. Coca-Cola, Nike and other market giants understood that brand and content always went together.

Therefore, WAI is a big support for the companies to work its brand properly. Consult our social branding experts today.