Brand Vs Branding – Definition and Concepts

Have you created a new brand and new to creating brand management strategy? Read out here about brand vs branding. It will include Definitions and concepts.

Creating great brand strategies is highly specialized, painstaking, creative, and resourceful work. You need to maintain these brand strategies over time. Adapt them to the consumption habits of a market as global as it is competitive. Ensure that these strategies transmit our know-how and the DNA of our company to the consumer.

brand vs branding

What is a brand?

If you search the Internet you will see that there’re many brand definitions, but some of the simplest and clearest could be the following:

·    “It may be the name, term, design, symbol or some other characteristic. It offers great recognition of the good or service. It differentiates the products or services from others.”

·    “It is the badge or sign that the manufacturer puts on the products. Its use belongs exclusively to it.”

However, none of these definitions reflects what a brand really is. They only refer to formal aspects, but a brand is much more than that. In general, these definitions respond more to the trademark concept than to the brand concept.

Different perspectives of a brand

We can describe a brand from various views and in various ways. Let’s read a few of them here:

·    Normally, we can state that a brand means many aspects. They are recognized to an offer and that produce an opinion of it.

·    We can examine it from the internal (company) perspective. A brand is a feeling of the objective that a company has and the commitment. It has key relation with its stakeholders (employees, customers, etc.).

·    We can consider it from the external (public) perspective. A brand is a thing that people feel, say, think and share about an object or subject. It may be a service or a product, an individual, a company, a town, an organization, etc.)

·    From a management point of view, a brand means a set of things. If managed properly, it makes the products or services unique. It produces links with customers and produces values for the society and company.

As we see, there’re various more ways to get closer to what a brand is. The definitions are not so important. But, it is more important o know how to handle it properly so that it provides value. We must understand well what a brand is from the beginning. We don’t need only to see it from its graphic or formal aspects. Without it, we’ll not be able to organize it well, nor make an adequate brand strategy.

Branding: what does it consist of?

Instead, branding intends necessary actions to create a definite brand and to generate brand value. Therefore, company managers must ensure that their brand:

·    It effectively conveys the marketing and corporate strategies.

·    Connect with the motivations, expectations and desires of your audiences.

·    It has the capacity and the path to last over time.

·    Generates economic value.

A solid brand strategy is created with differentiating attributes. It can position us in an increasingly saturated, globalized and competitive market. It is essential for survival and success. To do it rigorously and professionally after knowing brand vs branding , call our branding experts at WAI.

Who Needs Branding?

Do you want to hire the branding experts? You may be thinking whether you need branding or not. Check out who needs branding.

Setting up and running a successful business is always a challenge. It is essential to differentiate your company from the competition. In addition, deliver the best products and / or services to attract and retain customers. But, these actions are not sufficient in themselves. And that’s where branding comes in.

who needs branding

In a nutshell, branding is brand management through actions and strategies. It’s possible to plan how the organization will be perceived and remembered by the public. But, after all, who needs branding? Read our article and find out!

Who needs branding?

Branding for those who need to manage their brand

A branding strategy is a key factor that can assist in the development of a business. After all, it is branding that plans all brand management. And, it is an essential part of the organization’s intelligence. It’s the set of actions taken, so that your company has its own identity. Then, the customers will easily recognize and remember the company.

In other words, branding is what they say about you when you’re not there. We are not just talking about creating the company’s visual identity. Branding includes essential points, such as, differentiating the company from competitors and promoting the company.

Branding for those who want satisfied customers

Strong brands are built by the experiences they deliver. After all, promising something to the customer and fulfilling that promise is a big challenge. It’s a key goal of a well-planned and executed brand management. It’s not just about presenting the product in an appropriate and seductive way. It is also about exceeding customer expectations.

Deliver more than was promised, anticipate possible consumer wishes and meet all of them. In this way, the customer feels that the company is thinking about him. Possibly, your company will always have a good solution for customer’s needs. This point is essential to retain customers.

Branding for those who need to differentiate

Originality sells. Finding a new and untapped angle for your brand can make a difference. And this is where a good branding job can help an organization to shine.

Take into account the quality, price and the public with lower purchasing power. The repositioning of the brand is also essential to change the communication and discourse. The brand will start to identify itself. Consider marketing actions in partnership with popular publications.

Branding helps to build a stronger brand. It allows the identification of the public with the company or product. Therefore, it is so effective in influencing the purchase decision. The brand is one of the company’s main assets. Therefore, investing in it is as important as investing in machinery and people. Properly managed brand management can be the first step towards the success of your business.

To think and execute brand management is to invest in your business

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to start or if you’ve some ideas. Our branding experts at WAI can help you. Talk to us!

Importance of Branding for Small Business

When we think about branding, we also need to know importance of branding for small business.

Today, we live at the height of globalization and the digital age. The option of not investing in branding is unjustified. The enterprises are vying for the attention of consumers. Now, they have several ways to discover possibilities for their desires and consumption needs.

importance of branding for small business

With that in mind, we prepared this post for you to understand branding for small businesses. Keep following us and check out key concepts and tips!

The importance of branding for small businesses

The brand, commonly, is what distinguishes them from a company from its competitors. Your recognition, therefore, is essential. A customer cannot buy your product or service if he cannot remember or find you.

The best ventures are those whose brands are simple and immediately recognizable. In addition, a consistent brand adds value to the business. It allows you to charge more than one competitor offering the same products or services.

The benefits of branding for small businesses

The sooner you start thinking about branding, the better for your business. Here’s how – and why:

Create your own identity

Adapt the particulars of your business and use it to your advantage. Show the public what your differentials are. Know how to keep them whenever you deliver your product or service. This pleases the consumer, helping to build customer loyalty.

Clearly define your brand goal

Understand where you want to go and know what values you do not give up. Synthesize all of this in your visual identity, helping to send your message to customers.

Be multi-sensory: reach your consumer’s five senses. The more senses you explore, the greater the chances of hitting the mind of buyers.

Use design as your company’s marketing strategy

Design management can make your product look better than your competitor’s product. This can demonstrate quality, give credibility and, of course, captivate the consumer.

How to apply branding for small businesses

Hire a specialist

Many people are still do-it-yourselfers. But, the branding professional will help you to define your brand strategy. It’ll save you a lot of time and money with marketing actions. It could happen if you were working alone.

You can integrate your ideas with our social branding team at WAI. So, call us today.

Be present on social media

Adopt the proper strategy already outlined. This way, you’ll be much more present and relevant on social media. They are easy to access and usually bring great results. But make no mistake: it requires care and strategy.

Let customers know you

Several people are loyal to certain ventures because they know and trust their owners. This is even more consistent when it comes to small businesses in small towns. Expose who you are and use your good reputation to leverage your company.

Use your creativity

You can use a very creative sign in that traditional communication. Brainstorm with your team and find ingenious ways to get attention. However, be careful not to overdo the dose. Everything must be very consistent with your pre-established strategy. Take the importance of branding for small business in your mind and be very careful not to be inconsistent.

What is the Importance of Branding in Marketing World?

The concept of branding is relatively new. Before adopting branding practices, know the importance of branding in marketing.

Today, entrepreneur knows that it isn’t enough to just create a company. He must interact with the public to sell more and more products.

importance of branding in marketing

Currently, it is already proven that consumers are much more demanding. They are concerned with the brand itself and not only with the products.

So, branding is a more efficient and safer way of brand recognition.

Everyone aims to transform a business into something “hit and go” by consumers.

Nowadays, we know the importance of creating a good reputation online. After all, this adds value to the business. It is essential for people to feel safe to consume this brand. And this is where branding acts more firmly.

The objective is to seek to format a brand idea as a human being. The brand should have its own thinking. It should have a personality based on the needs of its customers.

Check out the main point to know importance of branding in marketing. These are also the reasons for applying branding in marketing:

Importance of branding in marketing

Increases brand awareness and authority

Applying branding practices is a very natural way to add more value to brand.

The Coca Cola is not a world brand, just because it sells a good product. People feel special when they consume a product.

While buying a Coca Cola, everyone thought of a personal moment like a family lunch. It makes the meeting much more pleasant, right. This is a generation of authority. Consumers understand that the brand is a reference in their sector. So, they talked about Coca Cola when they talked about soft drinks.

Moving on to the issue of recognition, let’s cite the example of Apple. The recognition is linked to the brand idea and the visual part.

When you think of an apple, for example, you certainly remember Apple.

Generates empathy

The branding aims to build the whole personality of a brand. It gains the empathy of consumers.

A brand becomes synonymous with trust, credibility, quality and safety. It is best viewed by customers and becomes the main option of purchase.

In addition, Coca Cola generates happiness. The Apple generates great satisfaction to those who use their products. It is essential for the company to become a true reference in its market. It must achieve a worldwide success. It is possible for any brand in the digital age.

Creates competitive differentials

There are so many brands that produce similar solutions on the market. We need to look for ways to differentiate ourselves.

Today, competitive advantages are the main standout arguments of a company.

In addition to price and quality, a brand should adopt a more humanized language. It should give good and confident feelings to the customer. It’s a way to sell more. You don’t need to decrease the value or create many versions of your products.

Building a great social branding strategy is a key aspect for marketing on social media. Come to WAI to have a great social branding strategy.

Why Social Branding Strategy Matters for a Company?

Do you want to invest in social branding strategy? You should know the importance of social branding. Check out why social branding strategy matters for a company.

You may remember the brand of a product or service you are fond of. It may be the colors, the sound signal, the slogan or some ad. You may remember the poster boy that this brand usually uses. Such content mostly come to mind when you see any brand. This happens because this company that you admire invests in social branding strategy.

branding strategy

Do you really want to know all these features of social branding? It’s possible to put your brand at the tip of the tongue of target audience. Want to know how? Check out why social branding strategy matters for a company.

What is social branding strategy?

Would you like to run a social branding strategy for your company? Let’s explain what that concept means. Social branding strategy is a set of plans, actions and strategies of a company. They are developed to consolidate a brand in a specific market. That is, make it remembered, desired and wanted on social media. It is the complete management of a business.

Why does my company need to invest in social branding strategy?

Social branding strategy is not just about vanity actions. It is also to make your company’s visual identity more attractive and modern. It is much more than that. It can offer your business enough reasons to be remembered by your audience.

We have listed some reasons. They will make you think of why social branding strategy mattes for your company. See below!

Stand out among competitors

The internet provides a great competition. Standing out has become more and more of a challenge. With a solid branding plan, it is possible to stand out. You can make your brand known in your specific niche. You can differentiate yourself from other companies in the same sector.

Awakening sensations

As we know, buying is much more than buying something by itself. It is to enjoy the good feeling that that particular product provides. Branding allows your company to convey sensations to your audience. It turns a sale into a much more structured practice than just consuming a product. It aims to make this action necessary for the person’s well-being.

Strengthen brand identity

This is one of the strengths of the branding strategy. With appropriate measures, it’s possible to make your brand have its own identity.

It is much easier when a customer recognizes your company. It happens due to the colors used repeatedly than needing to see the whole work. Now, they don’t need to go through entire digital marketing to recognize the products.

Generate more business

Now, your company can stand out positively from competitors. There you just need to arouse customer’s feelings. There is no way to avoid increasing sales. Generating more business is a consequence of structuring a quality social branding strategy. The improvement is significant, you bet!

For sure, now you have good reasons to bet on a branding strategy in your company. Invest in actions aimed at high performance to enhance the results offered by WAI branding management services.