Why Social Branding Strategy Matters for a Company?

Do you want to invest in social branding strategy? You should know the importance of social branding. Check out why social branding strategy matters for a company.

You may remember the brand of a product or service you are fond of. It may be the colors, the sound signal, the slogan or some ad. You may remember the poster boy that this brand usually uses. Such content mostly come to mind when you see any brand. This happens because this company that you admire invests in social branding strategy.

branding strategy

Do you really want to know all these features of social branding? It’s possible to put your brand at the tip of the tongue of target audience. Want to know how? Check out why social branding strategy matters for a company.

What is social branding strategy?

Would you like to run a social branding strategy for your company? Let’s explain what that concept means. Social branding strategy is a set of plans, actions and strategies of a company. They are developed to consolidate a brand in a specific market. That is, make it remembered, desired and wanted on social media. It is the complete management of a business.

Why does my company need to invest in social branding strategy?

Social branding strategy is not just about vanity actions. It is also to make your company’s visual identity more attractive and modern. It is much more than that. It can offer your business enough reasons to be remembered by your audience.

We have listed some reasons. They will make you think of why social branding strategy mattes for your company. See below!

Stand out among competitors

The internet provides a great competition. Standing out has become more and more of a challenge. With a solid branding plan, it is possible to stand out. You can make your brand known in your specific niche. You can differentiate yourself from other companies in the same sector.

Awakening sensations

As we know, buying is much more than buying something by itself. It is to enjoy the good feeling that that particular product provides. Branding allows your company to convey sensations to your audience. It turns a sale into a much more structured practice than just consuming a product. It aims to make this action necessary for the person’s well-being.

Strengthen brand identity

This is one of the strengths of the branding strategy. With appropriate measures, it’s possible to make your brand have its own identity.

It is much easier when a customer recognizes your company. It happens due to the colors used repeatedly than needing to see the whole work. Now, they don’t need to go through entire digital marketing to recognize the products.

Generate more business

Now, your company can stand out positively from competitors. There you just need to arouse customer’s feelings. There is no way to avoid increasing sales. Generating more business is a consequence of structuring a quality social branding strategy. The improvement is significant, you bet!

For sure, now you have good reasons to bet on a branding strategy in your company. Invest in actions aimed at high performance to enhance the results offered by WAI branding management services.

What Branding Means?

Have you built a new company and new to branding and marketing? Let’s learn about what branding means?

Digital Marketing has combined the key concepts of Marketing with new platforms. Now, brands have many ways to communicate directly with their consumers or potential customers.

what branding means

What branding means?

In this way, Branding concepts must also be applied in social media. It develops brands via contacts with consumers. In any and all contacts of the brand, its positioning must be clear. It must integrate all channels with the same voice and the same value proposition.

Daily, many people make their first contact with your brand through social media. They find your brand through Google searches or social media. It’s great if you’ve a strong brand that was built to thrive on digital channels. It’s warning sign if you’ve a brand with completely different postures on social media.

Marketing is what you do, Branding is what you are.

Important aspects of social branding

Visual identity

Everyone is already aware of the importance of an effective visual identity for brand. But, the digital world may present new challenges that you mayn’t consider.

You need a review many factors to adapt the same identity to a different medium. These’re color palette, logo, fonts, style guide, social media profiles and subscriptions. This is just to name a few of them. In addition to all the personality, culture and psychology that surrounds the brand.

The brand voice

Your brand’s voice is the most essential item for your Digital Branding efforts. An Instagram post needs your brand’s voice. A blog post too.

Despite this fact, the voice of the brand is overlooked by many marketing experts. It’s an alert factor when brand communication is done with a marketing team. Now, think about chaos. You hire a freelancer or an agency to take care of your digital marketing. And you don’t provide them with these guidelines in a clear and decisive way.

It is important that you create a reliable brand that resonates with your drive. Without it, it becomes more difficult to communicate and do business online.

Branding in the digital age

Branding has been always essential. But now, there is no one to explain a mistake. There’re many people willing to replicate your message that can hurt your brand.

Social branding is a tool to develop and sustain a competitive advantage. In the digital media world, being competitive is an everyday challenge. Online consumers are autonomous. Provide info at their fingertips. Provide them the access to products and services from around the world. So, they could be able to evaluate and compare. A definite brand is vital to distinguish your products or services from the others.

Nowadays, brands have no control on what people said about them. People can access other people’s opinions more and are thus influenced in their purchasing decisions. Relationships do not end at the time of sale. Today, it is crucial to turn customers into fans. They love, recommend and defend your brand.

Now you know how branding means. Call our social branding team at WAI to manage your digital marketing.

How Branding Works and Social Branding Strategy

Social media is a great source for branding purposes. Would you like to improve your brand over social media? Know how branding works on social media.

The marketing team is gathered in a room where all strategies have been defined. Suddenly, someone raises his hand. He says wait a minute, we can’t forget about social media.

how branding works

This situation states an important aspect. That is, the social networks are fundamental pieces for digital marketing strategies. In this era, each person has a smartphone in his or her hand. They can access Linkedin, Google, Instagram and Facebook easily. It is really good to look carefully at such networks.

And this is where the Social Branding strategy comes into play. It is related to two important elements. Each and every marketing expert lives with Branding and Social Media actions on a daily basis.

What is Social Branding and how branding works

Going straight to the point, Social Branding is the use of social networks. It improves the way the public perceives a particular brand, defending values and principles.

For this, the correct and well-planned use of social networks is essential. They are the direct link between the brand and the priority audience.

It has been proven that social networks enable efficient audience section. In addition, it is relatively cheap channel compared to other media.

However, it is very important to use Social Branding correctly. It is essential to know the features of your persona, and dynamics of the social networks.

Will this strategy work better on Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook?

Each company must know this answer to make the most of the benefits of Social Branding. For this, take into account the features of brand and the focus on its persona.

Knowing the concept of your brand in the minds of consumers is important for any company. That said, the advantages that the Social Branding strategy offers for business are several.

1 – Humanization of the brand

Social Branding allows the public to see your company as a business or a friend. They believe that it brings the solutions.

This humanization process helps the contact between brand and customer. An example of this could be Netflix. It interacts in a very personal and fun way with the public on social networks.

2 – Options to carry out social actions

Sometime, consumers are more demanding on politically correct issues. Then, Social Branding appears as a chance for the brand to embrace some social cause.

However, this approach to social issues must be through guidelines related to the brand segment. The public is usually attentive and notices when an action is forced and unnatural.

3 – Improved sales

When faced with a brand that is humanized supporting social agendas, engagement becomes easier. One result of this is for the brand to conquer more than consumers, but fans.

In addition, with the brand present among customers more, sales tend to increase.

Investing in Social Branding means enhancing your brand

Offering quality products and services is important. But, presenting concepts is also important. Coca-Cola, Nike and other market giants understood that brand and content always went together.

Therefore, WAI is a big support for the companies to work its brand properly. Consult our social branding experts today.

12 Tips to Improve Online Presence on Social Media

Would you like to increase exposure of your products on social media? There are several actions you can take to improve online presence. Check out!

Today, doubts about how to improve online presence on social networks are common. However, people’s engagement in social media has been increasing year by year. The main media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are networks with highly active people. Not to mention other social media like Linkedin, Pinterest and others. Everyone wants to be present, whether for the staff or the experts.

improve online presence

Improve online presence right away

A good online presence on social will benefit the company a lot. The first step is to gain a considerable volume of engaged followers. They are people who consume and relate to the posted content.

So, there’re some timeless tips to improve online presence on social media.

1. Set goals and goals

Before starting, set your goals with your chosen social media. So, define which platforms you intend to work on. Understand how they work. Know the target audience you intend to reach on each platform.

2. Make it clear that you are human

Don’t just post a link and wait for someone to click and access your content. Interact with any action your followers take. Answer your questions or even interact with a simple comment. Show them who you are and your audience will feel more connected to you.

3. Understand your needs

Try to understand what your audience needs or normally looks for in social media. Know what they like to read. It will help you to understand what content you should deliver to them.

4. Share, share and share

Share with everyone and in all your media. Don’t be boring, but also don’t be afraid to share. By doing this, your followers will know that you are active.

5. Create an integrated social media strategy

Make sure each social network has a purpose. So, start by creating a posting calendar. List all the events of the year and posts you intend to make.

6. Produce relevant content

Ensure that you are producing relevant and quality content for your target audience. They will help your business to win more customers.

7. Interact with others

Try to interact with other people who are already part of your followers. When someone posts your relevant content, you must interact with that content.

8. Optimize your posts

Optimizing your posts means using keywords. Therefore, use keywords that refer to your company or products. Use those keywords that your customers use to search your company or product.

9. Use hashtags frequently

People don’t use hashtags for nothing. The use of hashtags will help attract more people to your social media profiles.

10. Add links to your social networks in your email signature

Think about the amount of emails sent every day. People will probably be curious to check your social networks.

11. This of any benefit to your followers

Consider providing discounts, tests, free trials or even free materials. This will help to gain followers and engage those who feel benefited.

12. Post frequently

Post as often as possible that is comfortable for you. If necessary, post some posts initially to have a breath. Don’t leave your audience standing still.

At WAI, we provide social media management services to improve online presence on social media. Call us today for the services.

How Social Media Changed the World – 5 Points

Today, almost everyone who has internet access is using social media. Furthermore, check out how social media changed the world.

There is no denying that social media is changing the world. There are almost two and a half billion people using the internet around the world. The more Internet users are, the more social media has the power to influence the world.

social media changed the world

In the past, we were limited to relations only with people we knew. Today, it is possible to relate to the most diverse people around the world. In past, only small groups had the ideas. Now, they are now easily spread. The social media allows us to become more aware of the universe we live.

Networks like Facebook and Twitter give citizens a megaphone. It can be heard everywhere and. This way social media changed the world.

There are five main points on which social media has influenced our world:

How social media changed the world – 5 main points


Social media has become an important source of news. Major newspapers and magazines report important events on five continents. This makes info open for everyone and its spreading much faster. The people in the world are also aware of all info never released before.

Contacts among people

Social media has fast contact on a large scale. They allow people to keep in touch on a more regular basis. It was never seen before due to space and time limits. People in distant cities or continents can easily keep in touch. It creates the chance to enjoy different cultures. This causes people to evaluate their way of life. Now, they are exposed to different customs of different ideals.


The whole dynamics of marketing has been altered by social media. Companies are more and more focused on the consumer. They are able to understand the needs of the market. They are already looking for ways to influence their purchase alone. With marketing, their ads are exposed to consumers who’ve already interest in their products. Now, it is open on websites without any mass marketing channels.


Social media has played an important role in supporting literacy. Children who start using platforms develop communication skills early. They commonly become literate more quickly. For adults, social media allows learning to be focused on the points of their interests. You can become an expert on a range of subjects just by taking online courses. In USA, for example, about 6.7 million people have enrolled at least in an online course.


Social media has allowed for greater political awareness. In some cases, it rewrote history. Many protests have been organized with assistance, mainly from Facebook. These media played an important role in the Iranian elections and Obama’s second election. It inspired huge unrest in Egypt. It also has influenced protest across Turkey.

Since social media, there are no borders or filters for communication. Therefore, it is worth noting that these changes have become possible. The internet has truly allowed a freer and more open way to exchange new info. It is possible with any major censorship, at least for now.

Now, you have learnt how social media changed the world. Would you like to also change the world by promoting your company on social media? Come to WAI, we will support you.