Top 10 Tips – Caring for Interview Body Language

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Learn how to care interview body language such as handshake, walking, and eye contact. It also includes posture and gestures to feel more confident in your career.

interview body language tips

There is no point in a 10-grade resume, filled with important positions and prestigious companies if at the time of the job interview the candidate ends up with the chances of getting the desired position by sending bad attitudes.

Check out the appropriate manners and body language for an interview.

Tops 10 interview body language tips

1 – Smile

Note that after the basic attitude of greeting politely, saying “good morning” or “good afternoon”, the candidate can give a friendly, safe smile that, above all, shows his satisfaction in being there.

For sales or relationship, smiling is almost always a necessary requirement!

2 – Handshake

Strong grip without crushing the other’s hand can demonstrate firmness and a more striking positioning.

Looser handshake indicates a more relaxed personality and shyness.

3 – Posture

Being totally relaxed, your back against the back of your chair may give the impression that the candidate has no interest in the conversation.

Leaning forward slightly shows interest in the content discussed and is a good body language during interview.

Being too stiff can give the impression of tension and nervousness.

4 – Gestural control

The hands need to have harmonic synchrony with speech and should always be open, showing interest to what you hear.

5 – Eye to Eye

Eye contact has great importance of body language in interview. It ensures that the candidate is open and understanding what is being proposed.

Eye to eye contact - interview body language tips

When you look around a lot, especially when answering a question: it sounds like a sign of boredom or, worse, insecurity.

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6 – Body leaned forward

When the candidate leans forward as you speak, you show humility, willingness, and interest. It is a good body language for interviews.

7 – Signaling with the head

It is a good posture during interview to make discrete nodding movements. It is shown that one has an interest in what is being addressed, as well as facilitating the connection in the interview.

9 – Arms and legs crossed all the time

This posture gives the impression of being a close person or about to face combat. This behavior is usually linked to more rigid, inflexible, and less resilient people.

10 – Movements that show nervousness

Nail biting, shaking hands, biting the tip of the pen or playing with necklaces, watches and bracelets. Keep your hand at rest without touching his cell phone.

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