Branding vs Marketing – Understand the Difference

Branding vs Marketing – Understand the Difference

Settembre 16, 2020 0 Di Federico Barbuto
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Branding aims to assign value and credibility to a brand. Marketing is about promoting products and services. Read more about branding vs marketing!

Branding and marketing – the two terms are very close. In many companies with small departments, both even mix. But in reality, each of the two requires different research and processes. Does it look too abstract?

branding vs advertising

Branding vs Marketing


When designing a branding strategy, there’re some questions that aren’t very easy to answer. See some of them below.


Who are you? What are its main characteristics, strengths and weaknesses? What sets you apart from the world? It is not easy to answer these questions about yourself, is it? You will have to find those same answers for your company. After all, if your brand were a person, what would they be like? Describe the person of your brand, answering all the questions above.

Who is my audience and what do they want?

This question will help you answer many others. What is the purpose of your brand? How it expresses itself and what promises it makes? This is the stage where you define your persona.


Why does your brand exist? What is your purpose, that is, your mission? Now, it’s time to spell out a mission aligned with those issues.

Think not only about your own business. But, also think how your company can impact the world and make a difference.

What do you believe in?

What are your brand values? Honesty? Integrity? Determination? When defining these values, it’s as you’re telling the consumer that he can trust your company.

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How is it shown?

It is linked mainly to the visual elements that are part of the brand. All communication must follow a specific pattern of use of the logo, slogan and colors. When you see an ad, you identify it promptly only by colors. It is because it has a striking visual identity, very well worked.

Now, let’s talk about marketing so you can understand it even better.

Marketing is meeting needs

It is to supply needs generating profit. These needs already exist; they are not created by marketing. Based on this premise, a good marketing strategy involves research, which investigates what consumers need. In branding, you already understood who he is, what his characteristics are.

Marketing is generating profit

The word profit comes to mind when you think of marketing. However, the primary concept of this field of communication isn’t to generate profit at any cost. Meeting market needs comes first.

Profit is important, of course, and it is one of the main goals of companies. The question, then, is to combine the most important needs and desires of the public. Then, creation of innovative solutions allows your company to guarantee sales and generate profit.

Once these solutions are created, you communicate them. Guarantee their value and attributes, taking into account the 4 P’s of marketing.

This article was a short summary of branding vs marketing. Most new businesses prefer branding over marketing. Talk to our branding management experts at WAI for your company.