Body Language in a Job Interview: What to Do vs. What not to Do

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The good body language for interviews can send the right signal to the interviewer. Here’s what to do and what not to do regarding interview body language.

interview body language - body language during interview

Your body issues a series of messages and posture during interview, while many of the interviewers are trained to interpret the signals transmitted by the candidates’ physical posture.

With that in mind, here are some appropriate manners and body language for an interview to demonstrate calm and security in front of the interviewer.

Things to do for interview body language

  • Greet everyone with a smile: Smiling softly at interviewers denotes security and friendliness, and one of the powerful job interview body language tips for creating an immediate personal bond.
  • Keep your spine straight: When you are sitting, the ideal is to keep your back straight or slightly inclined towards the other. This position shows interest in the situation and balance.
  • Makes eye contact at appropriate times: By asking or answering questions, avoid looking away from the other person or lowering your head. Ideally, look at the interviewer’s face 70% of the time, focusing on the space between eyes and mouth. It is a good body language for interviews.
  • Have a neutral facial expression: A serene, reliable and neutral expression is better than a blank face or grimacing when talking about something unpleasant, for example.
  • Gesture as you speak: Your hands need not be completely still. Gestures are good as long as they are used economically. Too much gesturing may indicate theatricality.
  • Nod in agreement with the interviewer: This gesture shows interest and facilitates personal connection with the interviewer and is a good interview body language.
  • Leave the room confidently: When the interview is over, pack your belongings calmly, shake hands with the interviewer and leave. If the door was closed when you entered, close it again, preferably looking at the interviewer one last time with a smile.
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interview body language – what no to do

Things you should not do during job interview body language

  • Caution when reclining your back: It may indicate annoyance or lack of interest
  • Avoid tics: Nail biting, playing with hair or tampering with bracelets or ring can distract the interviewer
  • Do not cross your arms: In addition to denoting impatience, it may give the impression that you want to defend yourself against the other
  • Do not use the bag or briefcase as a shield: Ideally, carry them by your side. Placing these objects in front of the body gives the idea of insecurity or anxiety.
  • You refrain from making sharp, cutting gestures: They are too aggressive and, depending on the gesture, can be extremely rude.

Knowing the importance of body language in interview for the most varied situations you face is a valuable skill. Plus, it provides an incredible amount of information about what other people are thinking and feeling: just knowing how to look.

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