Increase your chances of getting a job in one of the BIG 4 by 300%

Increase your chances of getting a job in one of the BIG 4 by 300%

Agosto 3, 2019 1 Di Federico Barbuto
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It is the dream of most graduates and undergraduates to work in any of the big four companies but securing a job in those companies is highly competitive and not an easy feat to achieve. Comprising of KPMG, PWC, Ernst and Young, and Deloitte, the Big4 firms handle most of the world’s consulting, accounting and auditing services.

The Big4 receives thousands of applications every year despite the limited space available. Below are ways by which you can boost your chances of getting a job in any of the Big4:

Decide on the division of the Big4 you want to work

You need to make inquiries about the companies and decide on the division of the companies you want to work for. The Big4 have various divisions such as audit, tax, consulting, advisory and technology. You must have information about the particular division you are interested in. Once your decision is taken start your activity of web scraping looking for anything you could use during your interviews that reveals that you made your homework.

Get the right certification(s)

Whether as an undergraduate or a graduate already, there are various certifications you can go for to put you ahead of others. Certifications such as Public Accountant (CPA), Internal Audit (CIA), Financial Analyst (CFA), Management Accountant (CMA) and many more related to the world of project management such as PRINCE2, Scrum Master, Agile etc.. will help to boost your chances of working in one of the BIG4.

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Know what each of the Big4 wants

Sometimes it goes beyond just the academic qualification to get a job. The Big Four look at the other abilities of the person and would prefer someone who can do extraordinary things outside of their academic life. You need to research and know what each company expects from graduates. The Big Four are also interested in team players, innovative and creative thinkers, excellent communicators, ability to show leadership potential, analytical skills, courage and enthusiasm, business acumen, relationship management, and a global mindset.

Don’t do this 5 things if you want to be hired!(Si apre in una nuova scheda del browser)

Big 4 Job: Prepare for the interview

If you are by any chance called for an interview, you should be well prepared for it. Research and know the likely questions you may be asked at the interview. Re-acquaint yourself with basic finance concepts, accounting knowledge and know your professional goals. Prepare yourself for all the phase of the interview such as group interview, motivational interview with HR, technical interview with Senior Manager or Partners.

Be ready to face many adventures during your journey in a Big 4. Be ready to understand what it takes to be part of that environment and what you can do to absorb and be contaminated by the workplace, your client and your colleagues.

Don’t do this 5 things if you want to be hired!(Si apre in una nuova scheda del browser)

Be ready to understand that years in Consulting will create the base for your future career and your professional behavior.