7 Best Jobs for the Future to Keep an Eye on

7 Best Jobs for the Future to Keep an Eye on

Settembre 16, 2019 2 Di Federico Barbuto
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Ever wondered which are the best jobs for the future, which will dominate the market in the future? Read about the most in demand skills for the future.

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In the future, it will be increasingly common to see jobs that will be in demand in 2025 linked to artificial intelligence, virtual reality and 3D printing.

If you want to stay on top of the best careers for the future and are interested in technology-related areas, learn about the professions of the future:

1. Artificial intelligence engineer

This engineering specialty assesses challenges and difficulties for the development of artificial intelligence solutions.

These skills needed for future jobs conduct all research to develop projects involving AI, ranging from suitability to programming.

2. Aerial simulation specialist

With drones and other aerial devices, the aerial simulation specialist post is responsible for producing, installing and configuring flight simulations.

The professionals of these stem jobs of the future will be able to determine the most effective ways to use urban air mobility and drone deliveries.

3. Robotics technician

A robotics technician is responsible for performing robot maintenance and implementations.

For example, if a robot fails during operation and blocks any process within the company, that technician would look for the best solution to perform the repair.

Robotics technician - best jobs for the future
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4. Drone operator or tester

Managing a team of drone pilots, coordinating flight routes, analyzing travel data, and managing air traffic are all functions of these jobs of the future 2020.

5. Virtual reality developer

In a daily life increasingly dominated by virtual reality, a developer or engineer can build new usage possibilities for technologies such as VR.

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The professionals of these future jobs in demand 2020 are true artists capable of creating a virtual world full of experiences on a single platform.

6. 3D printing technician

Have you ever thought about producing objects ranging from sculptures to human organs?

The 3D printing technician, one of the best jobs for the future, is responsible for the performance and servicing of these printers, working to ensure the accuracy of the parts made.

7. Data detective

Analyzing data is already a profession of the present. But in a few years, more than just evaluating, professionals will also be responsible for investigating.

Data detectives, one of the best jobs for the future 2025, will be responsible for identifying patterns and proactively finding relevant information in large amounts of data.


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