The 4P’s of personal branding

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Personal Branding is much more than the way you appear, personal branding is who you are and how you commercialize yourself with others

  • Make every task an opportunity
  • Shape every assignment as projects
  • Add the ‘Wow’ effect – even to those job no one wants to do.

These are three pillars in order to create your own brand. Starting from these 3 assumptions is it possible to identify a set of “4 Ps” which, if you follow diligently, could really lead you to a “wow moment”.

1. Product

YOU are the product. For this reason, you need to look at which of your own skills, characteristics and features are most important in your job search. Moreover, you also need to look at this from the customer’s perspective. What would be important to a prospective employer? In addition, you have to think about your packaging. The most obvious aspect of this is your personal appearance and how you dress. We are judged on the way we look and so it is important to maintain a smart and professional image. The other aspect of the packaging element is your portfolio and what it contains. We will look at this more closely in a moment, when we consider how to go about developing your own personal brand.

Product Personal Branding - WAI - Who Am I
Yourself as a product

2. Promotion

Promotion is about communicating the benefits of YOU to a prospective employer. Basically, your promotional toolkit should contain anything that you can use to get a job interview and sell yourself, and the two most vital components are your resume and cover letters.

Moreover, interviews themselves are a form of promotion, as are the telephone calls that you make, the e-mails that you send and the websites and blogs that you maintain.

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3. Place

This includes all the methods that you intend using to distribute your promotional tools, such as:

  • Job postings and advertisements
  • Networking – online and offline
  • Online job searching
  • College/ university career centers

What is really important here is to identify which is the most important distribution channel. Choosing the wrong distribution channel in this day and age could be tantamount to committing career suicide!

4. Price

When you consider remuneration from employment, you should take into account the whole package, including the following:

  • Medical, dental and optical insurances, life insurance and accidental death and disability insurances
  • Salary increases, bonuses and overtime pay
  • The number of vacation days, paid holidays, sick and personal days
  • Pension and 401(k) plans
  • Profit-sharing and stock options
  • Reimbursement of tuition fees
  • Employee assistance programs

The price element also includes the strategies to get the price that you want, and that the employer thinks you are worth, as well as when to talk about salary and how much to ask for.

All of the 4 Ps of marketing are important as part of any successful job search, but the power of personal branding, career branding, is the most significant factor of all. Branding is how you differentiate yourself from the other ‘products’ out there. It is your promise to the employer that you are better than anyone else, and it is a promise on which you must deliver in order for your brand to be successful. Remember, brands must deliver consistently in order that the bond with the customer is not broken.

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