4 Signs That Your Job Interview Went Well

4 Signs That Your Job Interview Went Well

Agosto 9, 2019 0 Di Federico Barbuto
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Not sure if the job interview went well? There are some signs that indicate that you made a great impression on the interviewer! See the signs you got the job!

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Looking forward to knowing if you did well on a job interview? Even if you are in doubt about your performance in talking to the recruiter, there are some signs an interview went well!

1. Did you hear “when” and not “if”

Recruiters strive to maintain a neutral stance and not let certain emotions be visible. But, if they believe you are the ideal candidate, it means your job interview went well.

If in the middle of the conversation comes something like “you are going to respond directly to the business manager” or “when you meet the team…” these are good signs you got the job!

2- Relaxed body language

Interview body language can say a lot about a recruiter’s enthusiasm to see you as a new member of the company. Watch out for moves that indicate approval about what you are saying and more than that – he really likes what he is hearing.

If the recruiter’s posture during promising job interview becomes more relaxed and you find that everything is going to take a calmer side, almost like a conversation between colleagues, there is a great possibility that he really liked your profile!

3. The conversation has become casual

Most job interviews have that serious mood, which is typical of when something serious is discussed within the corporate universe.

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If you find that a conversation that was, in the beginning, more in a cast turned to a more casual tone, keep that as a good sign that you job interview went well and you have at least gained the recruiter’s sympathy.

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If the chatter becomes more immersive, the chances of you doing well at the job interview are high!

4. The recruiter gave many details

If at the end of the interview, the recruiter starts giving details about the benefits of working in the company beyond the benefits such as company culture, quality of life and career opportunities, it may mean that he or she expects you to take the job when it is offered.

Another issue that may come up is what your work routine would be like there, your teammates, and what exactly is expected of your work. This level of detail is not given to all applicants, but to those who are most likely to get that job!

This article also talks about what are some good signs you got the job. But an excellent resume also plays an important role, so check out our top resume writing services as well.